Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rest In Peace Ben in Texas

I have always intended to start this blog and I still don't think I'm ready, but I just wanted to make my first post in honor of Ben In Texas. He passed away this morning and I will really miss his blogs. His was the first blog I ever followed publicly, after lurking for a long time, and I had to create this thing so I could do that. So it seems fitting that my first blog post (and maybe my only one ever..or at least for a while) is to honor the memory of a blogger that was a real treat to read every day and inspired me to start a blog (even though I have never done a thing with it) mainly so I could "follow" his. His blog led me to many other blogs that I now follow but I have to say, no other writing style was as comfy as an easy chair to read, for me, as Ben's was. Something 'bout the way he wrote, just make me feel at home. He will be missed by many of his readers, friends and I'm sure his family is going to miss him most. If you follow any blogs and really enjoy them, take the time to come out of lurker status and let them know how much you enjoy their blog. I am feeling really regretful today that I never did tell Ben just how much his blog touched me. Maybe I didn't even know until today. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From his "about me" on his blog: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About Me Ben in Texas North Central Texas, United States Just a retied, certified ole Fart of 66, Widower, living in MY house and yard out in the country south of Fort Worth Texas. My two carpet Sharks (cats to you) keep me entertained. Sometimes you may find that I get on a rant about stupid people or governments! Sorry if some of my content may offend you, don’t take it personally.